Talk time – As rated by manufacturer. Feb 11, Market status: Best Android photo and video apps. Its key feature is the large screen resolution x , the user-friendly interface and the fast navigation, thanks to the touchscreen and a scroll on the back. Voice recording specifications continue after the ad Multimedia Radio:

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Just take a look at the type of phones we offer and find the category that best matches your needs. Feb 11, Market status: Best iPhone camera apps. Processors that fit your speed: The higher the number, the more detailed and good-looking the display is.

Unfortunately, there is no case, which could have been very useful for that type a phone — a real magnet for fingerprints and scratches. Please login or register.

LG KF pictures, official photos

One fault that happens randomly is that it will switch itself if700 when getting the first text message in after a battery charge. Screen-to-body ratio – Shows what part of the frontal area of a phone its screen occupies. Single camera Main camera: Voice recording specifications continue after the ad Multimedia Radio: Every wireless phone device that is sold in the U.


Here are the facts. Details shown on product images may vary by region, country, or model. If you are interested in using our specs commercially, check out our Phone specs database licensing page. Add to Compare Compare 1 Share. Regulatory Approval FCC approval: These limits are given in terms of a unit referred to as the Specific Absorption Rate SARwhich is a lh of the amount of radio frequency energy absorbed by the body when kv700 a mobile phone.

LG KF700 Review

Pixel density – The pixel density of a display represents the number of pixels over an area of one inch. Manufacturers Apple Samsung Asus Amazon. Featuring access to ultra-fast processors, the latest apps, high-resolution cameras, HD displays, sophisticated designs and the newest technology, smartphones make it easy to stay organized and entertained on the go. Internal storage – Bigger storage capacity allows you to keep more content saved onto your device, such as more applications, photos or video.

Technology – There are two main screen technologies currently used in phones and tablets: Its key feature is the large screen resolution xthe user-friendly interface and the fast navigation, thanks to the touchscreen and a scroll on the back.

View all photos See all Specs Close. Plus, with available HD displays, high-resolution cameras, innovative security features, organizational tools, and access to thousands of apps, they’re perfect for anyone with an on-the-go lifestyle. Best smartwatches this year. For the ultimate in speed and seamless multitasking, LG offers dual-core, quad-core, hexa-core and octa-core devices that give you fast access to your favourite apps and programs, and a host of state-of-the-art features.


Simply choose a support option from the icons below: Games and video content typically take up the biggest amount of storage space. From cases and covers to headphones and chargers, our innovative collection makes it easy to get more from your go-to mobile device. However, battery capacity is not the only factor that has an effect on battery life. I shall sell it soon and will not buy LG phones in the near future. Where to Buy Where to Buy.

This has resulted in the presence lh a company logo icon on the homescreen and a link in the shortcut dial. Last week Last 2 days Most commented.