Below is some video of HD playing on the Kohjinsha, it looks much better in person, but this is just to give you an idea:. This laptop has 2 USB 2. There is a partition on the drive that has a recovery function, although I would have preferred the actual discs. Keyboard and display characteristic of course is pertained mini but still be comfortable compared to other UMPC which smaller. Another example is when I was in class for 5 hours straight, I had wireless off, 2 notches down from full brightness, was playing iTunes, sometimes typing and playing a little video every once and a while, I got 5 hours of battery. There is only one slot for memory, so the max you can put in is 2 GB.

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Very pleased sh610hs the install. What can I say about the heat and noise about this computer? There is only one slot for memory, so the max you can put in is 2 GB.

I then installed all the drivers from Kohjinsha Singapore’s website. Besides, when we setting the battery to “Power Saver” mode in Vista, this device performance felt so slow. New Design, Better Pe I have used my new Kohjinsha for a month by now, taken it to work, travelling, dropped it accidentally twice already from a height of about 1mbeen rough with it, stowwed it in checked-in luggage, used it vigourously some would say mercilessly both in doors and out doors.


It worked perfectly and flawlessly all the time, despitely having accumulated its fair share of scars, nicks and scratches and much much worse for the wear!

But compared to previous version, SH sh61bs screen now can reach higher resolution x pixel and its screen display is more contrast because LED-Backlit from Samsung.

The battery is so small, once again you have to see it to believe it. SH series also has okhjinsha MB resolution Webcam which is good enough for video chat. I am not staying in Singapore. When you hook headphones up to this, the sound really comes alive.

To calculate 2 million places, this computer took 4 minutes 33 seconds. If you play lots of high def movies, you should probably go for the 2GB of ram.

kohjinsha laptop

So far I have not noticed anything not functioning. All the buttons working? Below is some video of HD playing on the Kohjinsha, it looks much better in koyjinsha, but this is just to give you an idea:. More information can be found at: You don’t get that kinda friendly attention even with an Apple Airbook!

Replacement Kohjinsha NBATZZ04, LBATZZ02, NBP3A61 Laptop Battery mAh

The laptop is mostly made of plastic except for the metal hinge part that allows you to turn your screen into a Tablet PC. The screen LCD is pretty thick so no ripples can be seen if you push on the lid. Palm Treo v Review: Forum members and moderators are responsible for their own posts.


Humor – is this a ”Kohjinsha moment”? Performance is quite good but some of the quick launcher buttons like rotation, shutter not working. Sony Ericsson Zi Review: It all depends on what you do with this laptop.

Nice Clamshell, Good P To see how far the performance of SHB hence comparing it with SA1 series which we have tested clearly precise. I took this night photo to show you how bright the screen is view large image.

I used Vista for the review, but decided to switch to Windows XP tablet edition after and I love it. Disclaimer The products supplied by our Company are [replacement for] sold for use with certain products of computer manufacturers, and any reference to products or trademarks of such companies kohjinxha purely for the purpose kohninsha identifying xh610bs computers with which our products [are replacement for] may be used.

Windows Vista Home Basic Feature: Customers who bought this product also purchased HardwareZone Forum Insider on Facebook.