That means computers need to download firmware to such devices before they’re used. The tools that Cypress provides with the development kit are Windows based. Hi Philipp, I had an issue that I think relates the the endianness of sdcc vs keil. I have changed that to something more elegant:. This is a customized usb device.

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The FX2 doesn’t support quite as many endpoints six plus controlbut it does handle multibuffered high speed transfers in hardware.

EZ-USB board on Linux

LIB, and they are more or less these. I explain this first because is the easiest part.

That’s logical, since at the which is what it’s simulatingthere are just 0x7f bytes of RAM, and beyond 0x80 there live the SFRs. If I used sdcc on lInux, I needed to use my own programs on Linux.

I just ran the installer and everything seems to be working fine. I have changed that to something more elegant:. The installer creates a new directory: Starting from the most general, we have: March-July updated ez-sbDaniel Clemente Laboreo.


A few open source tips for the Cypress FX2LP (EZ-USB Cy7cA) | All My Brain

Comment on Dec 15th, at 3: Find More Posts by pieterparker In the simulation, s51 said:. Firmware source is available.

Comment on Dec 5th, at 2: From your other thread, I found this link, just for you: I recommend to study the source code of the free software projects like sdcc ; it’s eez-usb wonderful way of learning which it’s worth profiting. Comment on Oct 31st, at 5: I know Keil has a debugging program, do we have something like that for the FX2 and Linux? For eeprom images, the hex2bix program that comes with the development kit can easily be ported to run on Linux by using linux time libraries instead of the windows files.

fxload(8) – Linux man page

Anyway, the sdcc file is useful to learn the syntax which the register definitions have to follow. This needs a cross-compiler for the specific language we want. Please visit this page to clear all LQ-related cookies. And that’s the way it was Fedora 12, Ubuntu This doesn’t please sdcc warning: I already tried to invoke the flags you mentioned -mmcs51 and -xram-loc but it seems to have no effect.


You just need to download the bulkloop example source and grab it from there. I hope Linx don’t disturb anyone if I distribute this here.

I have a reset firmware that I can use to fix the device too. Plugging EZ-USB devices into a Linux system runs device-specific scripts, which can download the appropriate firmware hexfile.

Comment on Fz-usb 12th, at 2: Comment on Jan 16th, at 7: This is what I ended up with: This website uses cookies to improve your experience.

The GPIF can put in all the delays between state transitions.