There might be an obstruction in the path of the carriage, or a paper jam. The following light pattern displays on the product control panel:. If the test page does not print , continue with the next solution. If you find obstructions in the paper path, skip to the section on cleaning the rollers. The yellow arrow points to the Tri-color Cartridge Problem icon. If any torn pieces of paper remain inside the product, more jams are likely to occur. You must disconnect the power cord to move the carriage mechanism by hand without the risk of electrical shock.

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The product might go through a warm-up period which might last up to two minutes. Make sure that the carriage can move freely Press the Power button to turn on the product. This page requires Javascript.

HP Deskjet 5552 Manuals

The lights indicate product status and are useful for diagnosing printing problems. Solution Press the Resume button to eject the banner paper. Each of these icons represents a different cartridge issue. Slide the paper width guide inward.


The Virtual Agent is currently unavailable. This feature helps to avoid wasting ink and paper if the paper is not what you expected. Remove jammed paper from the front of the product only as a last resort.

The Tri-color Cartridge Problem icon. The yellow arrow points to the Tri-color Cartridge Problem icon.

Europe, Middle East, Africa. If the light continues to blink after several seconds, continue to the next solution. Clear any jammed paper Jammed paper can cause the carriage to stall. How to print a self-test report Make sure that plain white paper is loaded in the input tray. Remove and reinsert the cartridges Improper cartridge placement or dsekjet might cause a carriage stall error.

Slide the cartridge at a slight upward angle into the empty slot, and then gently push it forward until it snaps into place. If pieces of paper remain in the product, more paper jams can occur.

Blinking Lights on the HP Deskjet and Printers | HP® Customer Support

This can cause the paper to jam into the rollers. Reattach the output tray. If these steps resolved the issueand the test page printsthere is no need to continue troubleshooting. Slide the paper length guide inward. If any torn pieces of paper remain inside the product, more jams are likely to occur.


Follow these steps to perform a reset. Insert the door into the rear of the product, and then turn the door latch clockwise to secure the door. Click Fileand then click Print. Replace the deskje Follow these steps to replace the black cartridge. If the test page does not printcontinue with the next solution. The carriage might move to the center of the product.

Remove and reinsert the cartridge Follow these steps to remove and then reinsert the black cartridge. The yellow arrow on top of the carriage inside the product points to a drawing of a cartridge that indicates 552 the issue is. See your browser’s documentation for specific instructions. Lights and buttons on the product control panel. All lights are off The following light pattern displays on the control panel:.