The factory-set default for the ring volume is Soft. The transmission time is slower than Fine but faster than Photo. Use the arrow buttons to select Fax setup , and then press OK. The amount of memory that is available determines the actual number of faxes that are stored for reprinting. Two rings more than the answering machine or computer voicemail.

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If the item is too small, it can jam inside the automatic document feeder ADF.

Javascript is disabled in cmm1312 browser. To clear these faxes from the memory, see Delete faxes from memorydeleting faxes from memorymemorydeleting faxesfaxdeleting from memory. The control-panel display shows the following message: The product prints all of the faxes it has saved in memory and then resumes answering fax calls.

Fax is busy Canceled send.

If the answer mode is fx to Manualthe product does not answer calls. Have the telephone company check the telephone line. Print a configuration page and check fxx the reports print. The factory-set default is On. To block a fax number, use the arrow buttons to select Add numberand then press OK. Refill the media input tray. You can use numbers, pauses, and dialing symbols. An error occurred while trying to receive a fax.


Also, use the distinctive-ring feature to differentiate between voice and fax calls. Wait until you hear fax tones, then press in sequence, wait for three seconds and hang up.

Shared line receiving both fax and voice calls with only an attached telephone. The fax does not print, and is not saved in memory. If the call is a fax call, the product receives the fax from the call.

Hang up and resend the fax.

HP Color LaserJet CM MFP Series Product – Use fax | HP® Customer Support

Load the document in the automatic document feeder ADF input tray or on the flatbed scanner. Each telephone c,1312 has a unique ring pattern, so that you can answer voice calls and the product can answer fax calls.

Use the arrow buttons to select the report to be printed, and then press OK. Ask the sender to send the fax again.

HP Color LaserJet CM1312 MFP Series Product – Use fax

In this answer mode, the product answers an incoming call and determines if the call is a rax call or fax call. The glass-fax size might be set incorrectly. Use the arrow buttons to select the ring pattern that you want, and then press OK.


Print all of the faxes, and then have the sender resend the fax. The factory-set default for the redial-on-busy option is On. Use the following instructions to send a fax to a group of recipients that has not been assigned a group-dial entry:. To change ring patterns for call answering, complete the following steps:. Set resolution settings note: Use the arrow buttons to select Fax faxxand then press OK.

The transmittal might not be initiated because the fax-sending call is not answered, or because a busy signal stops the redial attempts. fa

If you have the stamp-received faxes option turned on, you might also want to turn on autoreduction. After scanning the page, Scan another page? On the control panel, press Start Fax.