Well, last month XP did a major implosion another story! Or sign in with one of these services. Disabling Fast Write fixes everything, but I am getting slightly lower performance. I have a dual-VSTA and a 4coredual-sata2. It also doesn’t matter which directx version I use. The Radeon and Geforce2 pro weren’t too bad. I’m still waiting for the availability of the Celeron 3.

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Can you boot off a SATA drive? Posted February 11, Asus Radeon 8x. I wanted to boot every version of Windows, and for the most part, I got it working.

But what I don’t get, is I didn’t have to do either of these things the first time I installed win98 and tested it with both gpus. The only updates I installed were DX9 and dotnet for some video drivers.

It’s not a big deal though. It was totally random too, I ran Serious sam SE to stress test it just running the demos in a loop and the longest stable run was over an hour while the shortest was just 8min.


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Both cards works perfectly in single configuration. The mobo is flashed with the hacked 2. Would that be the PCI-Express bus slot? One thing I noticed is that these boards are not very stable with AGP cards.

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Anyone know what this PCI problem is, and how I can solve it? Should be able to over-clock it to near or above 5 ghz.

Does it behave correctly when it’s turned off? Can anyone tell me what drivers they have used and if they had any device issues after install? I have unofficial service pack for w98 and via 5.

Here’s my current setup If you do any more with it, make sure to update this thread. If I have power-saving turned on hard drive or monitor power-down after so many minutes of inactivity then the computer locks up when it enters energy-saving mode ie when the screen goes into hibernation.

Well, last month XP did a major implosion another story! All do the same, so to make everything a lot simpler, let’s just go back to basics. Last edited by Tmp2k on I’ve now got a fresh install of Win98SE, with everything disabled I can. This is what device manager is saying about this PCI bus entry: Sign in with 775dual-gsta.


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Posted June 16, Does anyone know the difference between the pro and ultra? I have no idea what Item 2 is. The only issue is extracting the daughter from the motherboard she helped build it so claims a part-interest. Now I tried both GPUs together, in various versions of windows and they behaved exactly how I wanted. Ive disabled everything I can in bios, but not taken to disabling things in device manager yet. Google [Bot]halfmoon and 10 guests.